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Royal, Timeless & Challenging™︎

Sport: a royal, timeless & challenging activity in human history. 

RTC connects world-class sports coaches and celebrities with Luxury Hospitality Groups worldwide. 

Guiding and accompanying our RTC Alliance, RTC invites our allies and their Guests to master their spirits and body lines with our sport maestros and peerless RTC Certificate Programme™︎.

Reveal your curiosity of life and challenge our vision with a genuine royal spirit.


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RTC Sport
RTC Sport
RTC Sport


In the ancient times,

power represented status and

was a symbol of responsibility

to protect people and lands.


The Royals were not only cultivated

in the domain of knowledge and manners,

but also capable in physical activities,

such as fencing, polo, horse-riding, and tennis, etc.

RTC Sport
RTC Sport


The beauty in strength, agile performance

and unfailing perseverance

has been honored through generations.


Act like an inner royal and

rediscover the power of being true,

 defining ourselves with a higher vision

yet facing the challenges

with a humble and noble attitude.

RTC Sport
RTC Sport
RTC Sport


Keeping our mind and shape in one.


Individual training

on mental and physical muscles

brings the confidence of

knowing one’s capacity and

releasing one’s colour of true spirit.

RTC Sport



RTC Signatures

  • RTC identifies the certified coaches specialized in Tennis, PadelFitness, Yoga, and Pilates.

  • RTC trains the coaches in the areas of Sales, Hospitality, Luxury Business & Interpersonal skills by going through the systemized training manual, to strengthen and groom them fully ready to work as a Luxury Hospitality Talents.

  • RTC connects the sport coaches and celebrities with the sought-after Luxury Hospitality Groups and properties in the world.

  • RTC attends global sports tournaments and Luxury Travel Shows to promote allies and its Guests.

  • RTC advises Luxury Hospitality Groups on Sport and Recreational facilities, equipments, operations, recruitment, Branding, and Sales & Marketing strategies.

RTC Sport
RTC Sport
RTC Sport
RTC Sport
RTC Sport
RTC Sport
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